Lower abdominal pain in men – causes and treatments

lower men abdominal pain

Lower stomach torment of men can demonstrate a progression of issue. Peruse our manual to sort out the thing that could be causing your agony.

Both men and ladies get abdominal pain and much of the causes are the same but some conditions are more common in men and other people that only men get. So here’s a guide to understanding what’s causing your abdominal pain if you’re a person.

What is lower abdominal pain?

Lower abdominal pain generally means pain that you simply feel below the extent of your belly button. It can come from any of the tissues and organ systems therein area and there are many, which is why it is often hard to figure out exactly what’s causing it. Amazingly abominable torment is named pelvic torment however we’ll be including it as lower stomach torment for this guide.

Safety first

As opposed to attempting to analyze your torment, assuming you have any of the resulting side effects, consider your to be as before long as could be expected:

  • Severe pain
  • Pain that continues to urge worse
  • A heat
  • Blood in your poop – either new or dim and foul
  • Inability to steer around thanks to the pain
  • Repetitive regurgitating particularly if there’s blood in your regurgitation
  • A persistent change in your bowel habit

Describe your pain

When a doctor asks you about your pain they go to require to know where exactly you are feeling the pain. this will be a useful indicator of what the cause might be. They’ll also want to know how long you’ve had the pain, the severity, and thus the character of the pain; is it coming or going, or is it continuous? they’re going to ask you to explain how the pain feels, is it sharp, dull, crampy, or burning for example?

Related side effects like loose bowels, spewing and urinary indications would all be able to assist with separating the reason so your PCP will examine you regarding these too.

Where is your pain?

We’ll explore the causes of lower abdominal pain by their location to make it easier to work out what’s causing your pain.

Pain around the belly button

If you experience pain around the belly button (peri-umbilical) it’d be one of the following:

  • Early appendicitis

Inflammation of the appendix is typically initially felt around the belly button. it’s getting to come and go and gradually move to the right side. It gets more extreme more than 24 hours and is more awful on development. you’ll feel disgusted, have slight free stools and a temperature. Surgery is typically required to urge obviate an inflamed appendix so don’t wait for the reception if you think that that this could be the diagnosis.

  • Stomach ulcers

Conditions of the stomach lining like inflammation (gastritis) or ulcers could even be felt within the center of your abdomen. The pain is usually burning in nature. Nausea, indigestion, belching and even vomiting are common. Blood within the vomit or black, tar-like stools are worrying signs and need urgent assessment. Treatment to forestall corrosive creation and straightforwardness torment are required so see your primary care physician.

Pain just above the pubis

If you experience torment simply over the pubis (supra-pubic) it’d be one of the accompanyings:

  • Bladder pain

Bladder pain is typically a coffee central pain. Squeezing and consuming during or after passing pee may demonstrate contamination. With a urine infection, you’d possibly need to choose a wee more often, notice blood in your urine, and feel tired and sick. If your symptoms aren’t settling with many fluids, then you’d wish to ascertain your doctor for possible antibiotics. Bladder stones can cause torment during this territory too with a more honed, more extreme agony and trouble passing pee.

  • Testicular pain

It’s common for conditions of the testicles to be felt low within the abdomen, either centrally or to a minimum of one side. This includes inflammation or infections like sexually transmitted infections. Trauma to the testicles might be felt within the abdomen too. If you’re experiencing abdominal pain and see any lumps or bumps in your testicles, skin changes or any discharge from the penis then see your doctor.

  • Prostatitis

The prostate could also be a little gland that sits between the bladder and thus the penis. It makes the fluid a neighborhood of semen. On the off chance that it becomes excited or tainted it can create torment that is felt inside the private parts yet also inside the lower midsection. It can make it troublesome or agonizing to pass pee or to discharge. Assuming prostatitis goes ahead rapidly (intense) it’s generally brought about by bacterial contamination and anti-infection agents should be recommended. If it takes a more gradual course coming and going over weeks or months (chronic) then the cause is typically harder to hunt out and treatment is often challenging.

Pain on one side

Occasionally low stomach torture is felt on one side. It is often anywhere from just beside of your belly button, right right right down to your groin:

  • Appendicitis

As referenced above, the torment from a ruptured appendix can begin halfway yet ordinarily settles abominable on the correct hand side of the midsection where the supplement is found. It damages to press during this region and is furthermore more terrible once you hack, wheeze or move.

  • Pyelonephritis

Infection during a kidney gives pain on one side which may originate from or spread through to your back. you will have urinary symptoms like pain on weeing, have blood in your urine, and feel generally unwell. It’s not unexpected to feel sickened, upchuck, and have warmth. These infections are usually bacterial and wish antibiotics so don’t delay seeing your doctor.

  • Kidney stones

Sudden, very severe pain within the rear, abdomen, and groin could be because of kidney stones. The pain tends to return in waves because the body tries to push the stone from the kidney and along the ureters (the tube from the kidney to the bladder). Pain from stones is typically associated with nausea or vomiting. folks that don’t drink enough fluids are more likely to urge kidney stones. Small stones will usually pass and be excreted within the urine but if the pain is severe and not settling, you will need hospital treatment. Tests are needed to hunt out why you’re making stones and to ascertain your kidney function.

  • Muscular pain

It’s easy to forget that a simple muscle strain can cause pain within the abdomen. The pain is often quite severe when the muscle is moved so consider it if you’ve been understanding or the pain features a muscular feel thereto. Hot showers and agony executioners will normally settle solid torments.

  • Hernias

Inguinal hernias (groin hernias) can cause abdominal pain. Hernias form when there’s a weakness within the wall and fat or a neighborhood of the bowel pokes through. you’ll feel aching pain and see a soft lump or swelling in your groin. lumps tend to look once you strain, cough, lift something heavy.

It’s important to avoid constipation if you have got a hernia and troublesome hernias need to be repaired surgically to push the bowel back inside and repair the weak wall. They only need urgent treatment if the bowel within the hernia gets stuck or ‘strangulated’ and the pain is intense.

Generalized abdominal pain

Lots of conditions produce more of an everywhere pain which doesn’t seem to specialize in one location:

  • Constipation

A common explanation for abdominal pain and sometimes associated with nausea, loss of appetite, and bloating. The pain is typically everywhere but could even be felt on the left side where the huge bowel descends to the rectum. Treatment includes drinking numerous liquids, taking activity, and eating stringy food sources. Address your drug specialist about intestinal medicines in case you’re battling to encourage your entrails to work.

  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Pain from IBS is often anywhere in your abdomen and is typically associated with bloating, constipation or diarrhea. It is often constant or colicky (in waves). IBS might be a future condition and treatment centers around spotting triggers like pressure and figuring out how to deal with the condition through diet and a solid way of life.

  • Gastroenteritis

Infections of the bowel like viruses and food poisoning can cause generalized abdominal pain. It is frequently a dull hurt however regularly crescendos and seizes up before scenes of loose bowels, regurgitating, or both. Most bouts settle during a few days and therefore the priority for treatment is to avoid dehydration so small amounts of fluids often are suggested. If you’re concerned you’re getting dehydrated or your symptoms are getting worse or not settling after hebdomadally then see your doctor.

  • Back pain

It’s worth knowing that pain originating from the rear can often be felt within the abdomen. this is often called ‘referred pain’ and may catch you out as you assume pain is coming directly from the place you’re feeling it. The pain would be worse when traveling, bending, and lifting. It’s frequently an instance of barring stomach reasons for torment first.

Abdominal pain examination and investigations

Your doctor will have an honest idea of what might be causing your pain after listening to your description and asking questions. They will normally analyze your midsection also to discover if there’s any torment on pushing on specific territories of your belly and to see for any irregularities.

They may be able to provide you with a diagnosis and recommend treatment but if any more clarification is required then further tests are getting to be arranged. These will vary consistent with what condition is suspected but may involve taking urine, stool, or blood samples, arranging a scan of your abdomen or possibly referring you to a specialist.

It is often a difficult business deciding exactly what the reason for lower abdominal pain is so do make a gathering if you’re concerned and always return to your doctor if your symptoms aren’t resolving.


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