12 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Water

12Health Benefits of Coconut Water

12 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Water Countries like India are very much hot in most of the regions. This scorching climate can make you dehydrated if you do not care about your body. It can cause dehydration to your body which is a severe complication, Like heat injury and life-threatening heatstroke, and weakness due to loss of salts in the body. Here coconut water work as healing medicine. These are primarily available in coastline areas, and this is the most common beverage drink amongst them.

Coconut water has a slightly sweet taste, makes you feel refreshed, and helps in better hair growth and skincare.

According to Ayurveda specialist Baba Ramdev, there are many health benefits of coconut water. For example, coconut water is precious for many-body working functions like urination and digestion—it helps boost energy levels. One full-grown green coconut contains 0.5 to 1 cup of water.

Nutrition Value Present in Coconut Water.

The coconut water is obtained from green coconuts mainly found in the sea cost. The coconut water is a transparent liquid (sometimes slightly white in color) containing a significant part of the water, approximately 95%. The remaining part includes nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Every 100 grams of coconut water contains:

  • 105 mg of sodium
  • 250 mg of Potassium
  • 6% of daily need magnesium
  • 2% of daily need calcium
  • 4% of daily need vitamin C.
  • Small quality of iron, amino acids, and cytokinesis.
  • Antioxidants.

Due to the above nutrition values, we can get many health benefits from coconut water. It is a low carbohydrate, low-calorie, and no sugar beverage.

How is drinking coconut water beneficial for full-body health?

It has been proven many benefits of coconut water, and those benefits are given below. But, first, let us see those

12 Health Benefits of Coconut Water:

1. Help in reducing and managing body weight.

The coconut water contains very low (or no) sugar and low calories than some other drinks and beverages like juice, green tea, etc. Therefore it is beneficial in the WLM (weight loss management) program. For reference, 100 gm of coconut water contains 19 calories.

2. Help in maintaining B.P

Blood pressure related you can see health benefits of coconut water in the body as Researches said that a potassium-rich diet manages your blood pressure and keeps up your heart health. And protect the heart from a stroke. It can treat both high blood pressure as well as low blood pressure. Reference: 1full cup ( 200g) of coconut water contains—Approx 480 mg of Potassium.

3. Work as an energy-boosting drink.

Coconut water is a great energy booster as it contains many salts and some calories, also rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes. It contains more than an energy drink that has been sold in the market. Due to which coconut water is considered a better energy drink than those sugary juices. It is a beverage and energy drink. You could use both after working out to boost energy, cool down the body, and protect from fatigue and dehydration. It is beneficial to athletes to get instant energy and recover lost stamina as it contains electrolytes.

4. Better than packed sugary juices.

Juices are generally high in carbohydrates, sugar, and calories. So juices have their importance, but we should not forget their high carbohydrates, sugar, etc. Here coconut water be a great alternative to juices. It is the best alternative for diabetic patients. Like juice, it also has a slightly sweet taste but significantly less sugar.

5. Beneficial in sugar levels management.

Coconut water has a good source of manganese. Due to this manganese, insulin sensitivity gets increased, Which helps reduce sugar levels in the blood. Therefore, this coconut water is the only one most crucial beverage or drink for diabetes patients. This works better than juice for patients who have sugar level problems. For reference, 1cup of coconut contains 17 % of daily need manganese.

6. Reduces heart problems.

Drinking freshly obtained coconut water daily can reduce and manage your Cholesterol levels in blood And reduces the risk of heart stroke. High Potassium in coconut water also prevents the heart from various diseases. In this way, it is all the way beneficial for heart health. Scientists also found that it decreases liver fat.

7. Treat dehydration.

Our body gets dehydrated for many reasons like diarrhea, fewer fluids, overwork out heat up, etc. Coconut water is used as a rehydration agent in our body. Coconut water contains similar properties as ORS electrolyte solution, which is given to the patient with diarrhea—also used as an after-work drink to prevent dehydration and muscle fatigue.

8. Help in body detoxification.

Coconut water is a clear transparent liquid that contains antioxidants and amino acids that help in body detox. Coconut water is a multi-purpose liquid as it contains minerals. A mineral is beneficial in body detoxification. It detoxifies the body by providing hydration and antioxidants, and minerals to the body.

9. Prevents aging.

Aging is a spontaneous process that you can’t stop. But it could be delayed by providing a rich amount of antioxidants and amino acids to the body. And coconut water is enriched in these two micronutrients. Therefore coconut water helps prevent aging in humans.

10. Good for skin and hairs.

Traditionally, it is said that coconut is of great use in skin glow and hair growth. This is because it has amino acids, which are very important for the scalp to grow healthy hair. Therefore, many skin care and hair care beauty products ha e has been made through coconut water and oil, and many skin hydration lotions are made by adding coconut water to them.

11. Treat urine infections in the bladder and urethra.

Drinking coconut water increase urine flow in the body as it has diuretic properties. Diuretic properties increase urine formation in the body. And this increased inflow of water flushes out infections in the urethra and bladder. Due to that, the person pee frequently and treat their infections up to 80 %

12. Increase semen quality and quantities in males.

A lab in Nigeria found that on rats that the consumption of coconut water increases fertility. And hence increase semen count and quality.

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Who should not take coconut water?

Renal failure patients should not take coconut water because of its high Potassium contents.


See, there are many health benefits of coconut water. One should take coconut water as it is a versatile beverage. Uses in many Precautionable diseases. It’s a tremendous medical ailment liquid. Overall it is proven very useful for daily use beverage.

Always try to drink natural coconut water, but if you have no source of raw coconut water, you should go for any well-packaged coconut water.

Buy packed coconut water here.

Note: The information above given is for educational purposes, not for severe patients.

Please consult with the doctor before any further use.

I hope you have enjoyed 12 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Water


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