Yoga for inner peace and strength 6 yoga tips

yoga tips for beginners

Yoga for inner peace and strength 6 yoga tips for health and peace read now! yoga tips for beginners ||Due to irregular lifestyle and worldly hustle and bustle, many diseases, grief and mental distress arise. In such a situation, gradually the person becomes old before the time and becomes sick, because neither food is being digested nor the mind is remaining calm, then surely the body will start responding. In such a situation, let us bring only 6 simple yoga tips, through which you can achieve happiness, peace, healthy body, mental fortitude and success in your life.

Yoga for inner peace and strength

  1. Movement of the limbs: You do not need to do any type of simple or difficult yogasana, just learn to operate the limbs. Movement of the limbs is also called subtle exercise. It is done before the beginning of the asanas. This makes the body ready to do asanas. Under subtle exercises, the eyes, neck, shoulders, heels, toes, knees, buttocks, hips, etc.
  2. Pranayama: If you add Anulom-Vilom Pranayama to it while doing limb movements, it will in a way purify your inner organs and subtle nerves. If you do not remember this, then take a long breath and leave it, just keep doing it here for at least 5 minutes, then the accumulated toxins inside the body will come out, the food will start digesting and the body will get energized.
  3. Massage: Massage the body once in a month by means of friction, danding, slapping, vibration and synergy transmission. This strengthens the muscles. Blood circulation goes smoothly. It also removes stress and depression. The body becomes radiant.
  4. Fasting: It is necessary to have fast in life. Fasting is self-restraint, determination and austerity. Health and salvation are achieved through diet, sleep-awakening and silence and in the state of speaking excessively, only by restraint. Give your stomach a rest for a day. Be fast for 2 days in a week or a month. Fast hard. It will prove to be better for you.
  5. Yoga Hand Mudras: By doing the hand postures of yoga, where a healthy body can be found, it also keeps the brain healthy. Knowing the hand gestures properly and regularizing it, you will get benefits. 25 Mudras are mentioned in Gherand and 10 Mudras in Hathayoga Pradipika, but there are 50 to 60 Hasta Mudras in all Yoga texts together.
  6. Meditation: Now-a-days everyone has started knowing about meditation. Meditation works to restore our energy, so just five minutes of meditation can be done anywhere. Especially while sleeping and getting up, it can be done in any Sukhasana on the bed itself.
    The above 6 remedies have the potential to change your life, provided you follow them sincerely.


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